People To Make The Dream

Find talent with Astin.

  • Talent

    Without sticking to the old way Talent explores creative ways to make new changes

  • Talent

    Talented person who communicates with open mind and positive mind

  • Talent

    Talented people who are passionate and challenge the best

  • Talent

    Talent always smile bright and cherish small things

  • Talent

    Talented person who opens the door and shows a warm heart

  • 01 Application Submission

    Through the Job Site
    Post a job posting.

  • 02 Document screening

    Through the screening of documents among job applicants,
    Candidates will be selected.

  • 03 Interview

    First and second rounds of
    documents Conduct an interview.

  • 04 Final pass

    Only after successful contact, please contact
    Become Austin's family.

Employee Welfare

  • icon

    Sign up for Naeil Chaeum Gongjae

    Maintain key manpower, introduce youth internship
    We enforce.

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    Military service exception designation company

    Military service exemption company.

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    Constable support

    To share joy and sorrow
    We support high grants.

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    Statutory Benefits System

    National Pension, Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance,
    We have a health insurance system.

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    Performance compensation system

    According to management performance Performance compensation system is implemented.

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    Self-development Education Support

    We support educational expenses.

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    Retirement Pension Plan

    For old age and life security
    The retirement pension system is introduced and operated.

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    Long service reward system

    Vacation for long-term members and
    Long-term exhaustion by supporting expenses
    Recharge your mind and body
    To give you the opportunity.