ACTIVE TRAPPING TECHNOLOGY (Functional material trapping technology)

table-CORE-Surface Treatment, Nano/Macro Dispersion, Process Design, Solubility, Cross-link, Nano Particles
Active Trapping
Design to meet market needs
Deliver new values to customers
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Compatibility
  • Uniqueness
  • 01

    The company maximizes efficacy and functions of materials with nano-design of functionality of raw materials.

  • 02

    Technology of trapping raw materials probable of skin stimulation or skin trouble prevents hazardousness and degradation of materials.

  • 03

    The final material after trapping is in micro-size that eliminates concerns on nano.

  • 04

    The surface of materials is processed hydrophilic or hydrophobic treatment to expand usability and applicability.