NANO DROP TECHNOLOGY (Surfactant-Free Nano Emulsion Technology)

Cosmetics are basically a mixture of oil and water.
Surfactant is an essential element for mixing oil and water component in conventional technology.

However, toxic effects (pain, inflammation and environment pollution, etc.) of surfactant are emerging.
ASTIN is constantly trying hard to identify solutions to develop cosmetics free from, or minimum application of surfactant.


Nano Drop Technology is of non-surfactant nano emulsion technology developed by the company first time in the world.
This platform technology forms oil-soluble efficacy components on water-phase (or water-soluble efficacy components on oil-phase)
without surfactant in nano-scales to improve stability of diffusion and skin absorption efficiency of efficacy components.

NDT vs. Conventional

Surface tension can be expected to decrease with decrease in droplet size over a wide range of circumstance.

  • Key

    To prevent coalescing into larger droplets

  • How

    By forming tiny, nanoscale oil droplets in water


  • Surfactants are NOT required
  • Oils can be dispersed until coalescing
  • Oil concentration is depends on oil properties


  • Surfactants are required for stabilization
  • More surfactants needed for smaller droplets
  • More surfactants needed for high amount of oils


NDT Features

  • No Coalescing

    No Coalescing

  • Avg. 10nm droplet

    Avg. 10nm droplet

  • Conventional


  • NDT


  • Non-spherical networking structure
  • Avg. droplet size <20nm
  • Surfactant-free claims
  • Transparent crystal clear solution
  • Thermodynamically stable (-20 to 60°C)
  • Long-term stable (over 2 years)

High effective, but water-insoluble ingredients
can be well solubilized or dispersed in nanoscale
in the water system


  • Surfactant-free cleansing water
  • Surfactant-free basic skin-care product (e.g., skin lotion and serum)
  • Surfactant-free air freshener/diffuser
  • Surfactant-free functional ingredients
  • Others: Electron materials and nano materials

Cases Studies : Nano Jojoba Cleansing Water

  • Jojoba oil cleansing water
  • Surfactant-free claim
  • 3-ingredients only
  • Light texture